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Welcome Folks. You will find a variety of topics here on how we treat our patients & Clients; various conditions, what Chiropractic, Spinal Rehab, Nutrition, Massage and Stop Smoking treatment can do for you. Our focus is on your health. Please read and email with any questions. However always feel free to email or to call 937-426-9225 with any questions and we will get back to you ASAP. There is never a charge for consultation. If you like; stop by the office with any questions you have. Just tell the Front Desk that is what you are here for. We can talk and can give you a tour of the office to show you what any of our Health & Wellness services may be able to do for you.

This web will continually change as new developments in Chiropractic, Nutrition, & Massage develop. Check back often. Ask questions anytime.


Our Mission

Derickson Health & Wellness Center is owned by Dr. Mel Derickson D.C., and his wife Barb Derickson L.M.T.

Derickson Health & Wellness Center uses the latest in technology and has a total of 30 years of experience to successfully treat a variety of conditions to restore and maintain your health.

We have only your health and convenience as our goal. We will do anything that needs to be done for you to reach the best health you can achieve. We make it convenient for you by staying on time for your appointment so you do not have to wait to get treated. You keep your appointment on time and we stay on time for you.


Company Profile


Dr. Mel Derickson D.C., graduated form Logan College of Chiropractic in 1981. He is versed in a variety of techniques. His main technique is Activator technique. There are a variety of techniques and they are designed to achieve the same result. However after using many techniques Activator has stood out for two main reasons, results and patient comfort. It does not take a lot of force if you correctly adjust the spine and Activator does the job better than most. There is a lot of research to back up this technique and new research is being done all the time.

Dr. Mel Derickson has attended many seminars for the benefit of his patients. If you need a speaker for any type of function please call and let him know he may be able to help you. He only speaks to adult audiences.

Remember there is never a charge for consultation. Call or stop by our office for a tour and additional information on a wide variety of subjects.

One of our goals is to make Health & Wellness affordable for everyone.


Barb Derickson L.M.T. graduated from Lebanon Institute of Self-Healing in 2001. She has successfully treated a variety of conditions since that time ranging from Workers' Comp cases to severe auto injuries. She is certified for Ohio Bureau of Work Comp. If you are looking for an hour of relaxation to unwind from a hard day or week she knows a variety of techniques to relax you. She does mainly the Swedish style of massage which soothes the  body muscles with long smooth strokes. This is the type of massage most people think of and one of the most relaxing. You may find out more about Barb and what massage can do for you by visiting her own website at and learn more about this wonderful relaxing way to health.


Dr. Derickson uses only the most effective techniques to determine if you may be a nutritional case. He uses only the best whole food supplements available. Prices are very reasonable. Insurance does not cover nutrition. Ask for our $90.00 coupon available now for a limited time.

Dr. Derickson uses Nutrition Response Testing as his main treatment to support your body nutritionally. 


Stop deteriorating your and other peoples health. Stop wasting money. Click on the link at the left and make an appointment. This is not covered by insurance but is very affordable to anyone who had the desire to stop. We have a coupon for $30.00 for a limited time, ask when you call.


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